BIA Meeting, February 18 2015


On the Agenda is the following:
1. Opening
2. Discuss and take action on Consent Agenda:
A. Vote to approve January 21, 2014 Minutes
B. Vote to approve January 2014 Financial Report.
3. Chairman’s Report
4. Director’s Report
5. Vicki Eggers Report
6. Rick Schlegal – Cardinal Engineering Report
7. Consideration, discussion and possible action regarding change order for electrical work at Transload Facility.
8. Consideration and possible action to enter into an executive session authorized by
Oklahoma Statutes, Title 25, Section 307 ( C ) (1), regarding the following:
A. Matters pertaining to economic development, including the transfer of property,
financing, or the creation of a proposal to entice a business to locate within the
BIA’s jurisdiction.
i. Motion to convene executive session.
ii. Motion to reconvene open meeting.
iii. Action, if any, from executive session.
9. Consideration, discussion and possible action regarding property at 105 North 29th Street.
10. Other new business in accordance with Oklahoma’s Open Meeting Act, Title 25, of the
Oklahoma Statutes, Section 301-314.
11. Motion to adjourn.